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We’re honored to have received “Best Sound” at the 2022 Toronto Show
by Enjoy the Music



This is a Gold Star recommendation. Coherent’s Model 8 is an honest, real-world speaker, for your real life. It has a first-class sonic presentation and very low power requirements. It does so much so well, and so little wrong – and it’s priced to let you keep your house, and your marriage. For me, it could well be the last speaker I look at in a long time.

I’m in heaven

Noam Bronstein

Radian Crossover Mods

Part I:

Crossover Magic for the

Dual-concentric Radian drivers​

Noam Bronstein

Radian Crossover Mods

Part II:

From the M-Cap MKP to

Mundorf’s ‘EVO’ Silver/Gold/Oil

Noam Bronstein

Radian Crossover Mods

Part III:

Mundorf XO, aka The Law of Diminishing Returns​

Noam Bronstein

GRA 12


The music absolutely floated in this room with a level of bloom, decay and holographic imaging that only I've only heard from 2A3 power amps. This was easily one of the Best Rooms at the show again and the attractive price of the 12 GR speakers makes it more accessible than ever

Rick Becker

GRA 12

Whatever our preference in sound, there are audio components or systems that are not only better than others at plucking our heartstrings, but of doing so on such a level of intimacy it's as if the hardware were delivering the musical performance specially for us. I experienced such moments while listening to Coherent Audio's audio setup

Robert Schryer

"Customer Comments"

I can honestly say that the Coherent Audio 18s are a true game changer. Excellent quality and sound, highly recommend, now I need to start putting my money aside for a pair.

I plopped myself down and listened to a full side of Crime of the Century, in the “second row sweetspot”. The Coherent 18s, paired with high end tube gear … and a high end analog front end (all Kuzma), threw a very large soundstage... 


Imaging was pin point, and the sound was incredibly dynamic. The resolution was right up there, e… Bass was ample, tight and tuneful. 


I left thinking that Frank had combined the speed and soundstage of Magnepans with the imaging of a top flight book shelf speaker, underpinned by a good sub. Congratulations Frank!

I love scrolling through all the build photos Frank sent me for the Coherent's- what attention to detail and workmanship in all those crafty spots where the sun don't shine. … Many many thanks for your great work…

I am blessed to own a pair of the Model 12’s… - all bliss!! 

The Coherent speakers presented was the best sounding speaker at this year’s audio show. Very impressive. The speaker model at the show had an 18 inch driver and sounded absolutely fantastic. The sound was huge, and super dynamic. ...

Coherent has been great at every show I have ever been at. 

I heard you guys were the best sound at the show! it dose not surprise me!

…had an extended listen to the Coherent 15 Monitor...phenomenal speaker with excellent BASS response. Very impressed.

I am happy owner of Coherent audio GR10 full range speaker. My living room is 7m long, 5m wide. My amp is LM 518 set/ 22w/ ch . It has enough power to drive the GR10. The best speaker .

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