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Carefully selected premium components delivering extreme musicality
Shown below are the components used in our Premium, Signature and Reference models



This 3-Cap combination builds on all the superb qualities of the Mundorf Supreme EVO SGO capacitor, and takes it to yet even greater heights.

The two much smaller value bypass caps added to the mix are both wax types.

The first is the rather special Jupiter Beeswax Paper HT Cryo cap, and the second is the magical cap from Duelund - the JDM pure Sliver Foil in oil-soaked waxed paper.

The end result is nothing short of tantalizing !

EVO SGO capacitor_57.jpg



Since 2015, the MCap® SUPREME EVO Silver Gold and MCap® SUPREME EVO Silver Gold Oil have been Mundorf`s undisputed top capacitor model. It combines all their high end technologies, such as Silver Gold metallisation, SUPREME and EVOLUTION winding technology and in the case of the Silver Gold Oil version, oil impregnation.


These unique characteristics offer a capacitor type of equally unique musicality: finely nuanced and lively shining acoustic colours, which combine into a breathtaking, beautiful, live-like music experience with the utmost precision, presence and three-dimensional plasticity.

EVO SGO capacitor_57.jpg


The MCap® SUPREME has been internationally acclaimed as the ultimate high-end capacitor. It is considered today by many users as a milestone in the modern audiophile capacitor generation. Its outstanding sound performance is achieved with a unique combination of advanced technologies - Special induction-free SUPREME winding technology.


These unique capacitors are very distinctive, physically and musically, giving the music a detailed, powerful sound with a large presence. Its subtle fine gradation of the high tone range invigorates the entire sound production, voices and instruments take shape and become extremely diverse.



MCoil Stack-core foil coils made from copper foil combine both the low level output distortions and the low internal resistance of Feron core coils with the high resolution and the great dynamic properties of OFC copper foil. They are highly suitable to be used in high quality mid frequency crossovers within subwoofer applications. Furthermore, they are distinguished by an excellent value for money ratio as well as by their compact dimensions.


With the CFS series we are once again complying to the very innovation and quality standards we set on day 1 for making us a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art components for music lovers, since +25 years.


Cu-Foil: 70 μ / OFC-Copper 99.997% pure

Insulation: Polypropylen 20 μ

Coil form: PA, glasfaserverstärkt

Core material: FERON

Grain-oriented silicon iron 0.35 mm

Permissible ambient temperature 105°C/221°F

Mundorf CFS14 Feron Foil Coil.jpg


The result of years of experimentation with various metallurgies aimed at optimal compatibility with Frank's favorite driver ...the Radian.

Custom wound, and tweaked for every Crossover variant where different caps and internal wiring are implemented. This is then followed by a period of break in, and further adjustments after listening sessions at every stage.

Coherent+Coil_upscaled white BG.jpg

RADIAN Be (Beryllium) Diaphragm and Compression Driver

Heat-treated structural alloy diaphragm domes for strength and low weight, and for extending high frequency response. Radian diaphragms utilize a Mylar® surround, which eliminates fatigue. Virtually indestructible, Mylar® surrounds also provide excellent dampening characteristics which translate into smooth, low-distortion, linear output devoid of the resonant peaks.

Radian diaphragms utilize high temperature voice coil formers and advanced adhesives which allow Radian compression drivers to sustain high RMS and peak power levels over extended periods of time. Superior sound quality, unparalleled power handling, extended high frequency response and high reliability make our compression drivers the preferred choice of loudspeaker systems manufacturers.

TAKE-T Piezo Electric Film

Super Tweeter

The addition of this super tweeter has an immediate and great impact on music restitution. This, in terms of increased airiness, high frequency sparkle, and enhanced soundstage width, height and depth.


Sound reproduction remains uniform and consistent over the speaker's frequency range, and the integration of the enhancing effects with the Radian drivers is totally "seamless".


But, above all, what is stunning is the effect on tone, timbre, textural detail and micro-dynamic speed ... the sum total of which restitute instrumental and vocal performances to their original naturalness. Counter-intuitively, the effect even affect perceived bass performance... now more extended and smooth from the lower mids to the mid-bass.


LessLoss C-MARC

Internal Wiring

C-MARC™ is a new type of Litz wire. C-MARC’s noise reduction is based on the bucking coil method using two counter-polarized coils. Every strand's clock-wise turn aligns with a corresponding counter-clockwise turn of exactly mirrored diameter and step. The two resulting counter-polarized coils are mutually superposed. A second-scale fractal replication of the already bucking coils is then repeated.


Through electrical cancellation of the induced noise, C-MARC™ provides an enormous signal-to-noise ratio in today's demanding environment.

Lessloss CMARC Bulk Wire S.jpeg

Duelund DCA 16 GA

Internal Wiring

The Duelund DCA16GA – A wire born of the desire to improve upon legendary vintage Western Electric WE16GA cable, but using Duelund's philosophy of uncompromising craftsmanship and construction, sonic splendour, palpability and transparency.

Tinned copper multistrand wire in a black cotton and oil dielectricum – among enthusiasts recognised as the go to wire for “REAL” sound.

This wire has been much anticipated, and is already receiving very good reviews.

External diameter 2.25mm, internal diameter 1.3mm

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