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Frank Fazzalari has been in the speaker building business for years, manufacturing enclosures for many well known Canadian companies. Around 2007, he decided to create his own line of loudspeakers and founded Coherent Audio

His first was the Model 6, followed by the Model 7 and Model 8. During that time, various custom commissions and specialty model speakers were also produced

In addition to building speakers, the last five years has seen extensive research conducted by Coherent Audio.


The focus of Frank's research was to : 

Design and build an accessibly priced speaker that would most realistically deliver the micro-dynamics, vividness, dimensionality and excitement of live music

After numerous prototypes, extensive listening tests and continuous design refinements, Frank determined that the best way to achieve the  desired objectives would be through a high sensitivity and high quality full range co-axial driver.

And after over 10 years of passionate effort we are now

able to enjoy his wonderful Golden Ratio Line 

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