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About Coherent

An exciting range of super high efficiency loudspeakers hand built in Stoney Creek Ontario by Frank Fazzalari

Our Mission

Design and build an accessibly-priced very high performance speaker that would most realistically deliver the micro-dynamics, vividness, dimensionality and excitement of live music.

Fill a long time void in the accessibly-priced and reasonably-sized high efficiency loudspeaker category.



Our Expertise


Frank Fazzalari has been in the speaker building business for over two decades, manufacturing enclosures for many well known Canadian 

companies. Around 2007, Frank decided to create his own line of loudspeakers and founded Coherent.

Over the years, extensive research was, and continues to be, conducted into the coaxial high efficiency-high power driver topology. The ongoing research efforts are accompanied by continuos refinement of full range speaker designs, and into hand crafting techniques that result in truly musical transducers that can be customized to the customers needs and preferences. 



Our Commitment


At Coherent we are passionate about offering our customers a personalized and customized design approach, a no-nonsense high quality product that delivers on its promises, and access to superior speaker topology performance typical of products available today for 2 to 3 times the price of Coherent speakers.      

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