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The focus of Frank's research is to : 

Design and build an accessibly priced speaker that would most realistically deliver the micro-dynamics, vividness, dimensionality and excitement of live music

After numerous prototypes, extensive listening tests  and continuous design refinements, Frank determined  that the best way to achieve the  desired objectives would be through a high sensitivity and high quality full range co-axial driver.


The basic requirements were ultimately fulfilled by the American-made Radian coaxial drivers

However, this was only the the starting point :

  • The Radian driver undergoes extensive modifications by Coherent Audio

  • The modified driver and is then matched to a special crossover designed and built by Coherent

  • This crossover is based on totally new design principles and incorporates special coils which are built by Coherent Audio

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  • Finally, and very importantly, each model of coaxial driver is matched to a Coherent designed and hand built cabinet that incorporates unique design features to allow the modified coaxial units to perform at their maximum capability

The end result is an outstanding and very exciting new range of high efficiency speakers offering :


Extremely accessible pricing for the performance & handbuilt quality offered


As a result, Coherent speakers have been garnering more and more praise, from reviewers, show-goers and ownersIn the core lineup are three models, which correspond to the three sizes of coaxial drivers employed

  • 10 inch, 12 inch and 15 inch 

  • All models are 8-Ohm designs

  • Range in efficiency from 94dB to 102dB 


These speakers play beautifully with low power tube amps in particular, and at last :


Fill a long time void in the accessibly-priced and reasonably-sized high efficiency loudspeaker category


Since all speakers are handbuilt, the customer can select from the options and veneers of their choice.





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